Limited Edition Prints

So what is a giclee print? It’s a high-quality reproduction of an original artwork that’s created using a specialized inkjet printer. These printers use archival-quality inks and paper to produce a print with higher resolution and superior colour matching than traditional printing methods. The result is a print that’s virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork.

Limited edition print being prepared

Why Buy A Limited Edition Print ?

  • Affordability: While original artworks can be quite expensive, limited edition prints are often more affordable, making them a great way to start a collection.
  • Portability: Prints are easy to transport and display, which means you can enjoy your investment wherever you go.
  • Diversity: With so many artists creating limited edition prints, you can diversify your collection and invest in a range of styles and genres.
The artist signing a large print

How are the Prints Created ?

  1. The original artwork is scanned or photographed at a high resolution to create a digital file.
  2. The digital file is then color-corrected to ensure the print accurately reflects the original artwork.
  3. The print is then produced using a specialized inkjet printer and high-quality archival paper.
  4. The print is inspected for quality and, if deemed satisfactory, is signed and numbered by the artist.
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