I have long had a fascination with the magnificent and mysterious structures and monuments of ancient Egypt. This painting is based on the temple at Luxor which according to a Scholar by the name of Schwaller de Lubicz is based on the geometry and structure of man and his growth. It is in many ways a library made from stone exploring the very nature of our makeup and spirit. The work shares its name with a book by the author himself.


‘The Temple in Man’ forms part of my ‘Dreams’ collection which explores and exaggerates the psychological influence of both built and natural structures on our moods and perceptions.

By distorting and altering both the colour and form of my observations I encourage my viewers to look in a new way at familiar landmarks with a surreal understanding.

This work of art is painted in acrylic and oil on canvas, with dimensions of,600 x 840 x 40 mm, and comes complete with a gorgeous black floating frame that perfectly complements the beauty of the painting. The painting is carefully packed to ensure it arrives without a scratch. Free shipping in the UK


Dimensions 840 × 600 cm

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