The Tale of A Custom Brighton Painting

'Pavilion Peace' Unveiled

Within the realm of custom Brighton painting lies a narrative woven with collaboration and creative imagination. Such is the essence of “Pavilion Peace,” a bespoke painting crafted to highlight Brighton’s coastal charm, born from the shared vision of two locally based Art Loving patrons.

Colourful surreal depiction of a Brighton Scene in a surreal style
A pen and ink sketch of my cutom design featuring the peace statue and the pavilion

The design Journey Begins

As the entrusted Artist for the project I began by creating a moodboard based on the custom aspects that were to be included in the painting.

 Through a series of initial sketches I translated my ideas into tangible form for the clients approval.  Starting initially in my sketchbook using ink pen to rough out the composition I then moved the design to a larger more detailed sketch on Fabriano paper. 

After a few tweaks and several more discussions we re ready to move forward so that I could now prepare the canvas.

Moving forward with A Custom Brighton Painting

I always enjoy preparing my custom canvases from scratch prior to getting started on the work. It serves as a solely meditative process and a chance to align myself with the surface as it becomes ready to paint.

The evolution of “Pavilion Peace” unfolded through gradual refinement of both colour and form, as I intricately shaped the design to mirror the patrons’ aspirations. 

It can often be something of a daunting task to ensure that the work is heading in the artistic direction that my clients expected. Fortunately they had a lot of faith in my skills and came to view the work to reassure me and bolster my confidence in how the painting was progressing.


The edge of my painting in progress with paints

The Big Reveal

The culmination  of “Pavilion Peace,” is one of of my favourite bespoke artistry projects to date.

As ever I feel I have stretched myself to create something which encaptulates the original brief and a strong sense of Brightons quirky nature

Measuring 155cm x 65cm, it breathes life with Michael Harding oil paints on gesso primed canvas, adorned in a floating frame kissed with light oak stain—an ode to Brighton’s elegance.

My patrons were thrilled by the final work which I hung for them in pride of place in their flat.

I hope that it will continue to be a tangible expression of their love for Brighton, and a bespoke artwork that speaks volumes of their connection to the city.

A view looking at the painting from the side

In Conclusion

In the world of custom Brighton painting, “Pavilion Peace” stands as a beacon of possibility, and another successful collaboration with some fantastic clients.

If you would like to commission me to create a custom Brighton painting for your space why not check out my galleries for inspiration. I’d be honoured to consider your ideas.

My clients standing next to the hanging pavilion peace painting
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